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Customer Reviews:

"The product has been great since day one and the customer care is spot on!"

- Tom Mussett, CROOX, United Kingdom

"When I saw this product, RXM, on the market, I was very skeptical. But, after doing my research and seeing all the good reviews, I decided to order it. I play drums in a small church worship band. After I got it all hooked up, I was blown away by how I could hear everybody. This is a great product."

- Daniel Adolfson, Honesdale, PA

Thought I'd let you know that I received the IXM today. Did a quick test and I can all ready tell that this is perfect for me! Very impressed by the overall quality. Feels very solid and roadworthy :)

Thanks for helping me out with a great product!

- Ihsahn, Norway
"I was very excited when I saw the IXM product... It's just such a great alternative to shelling out thousands to get a decent wireless in ear system...The people should know of this great product!"
- Joey O'Neil, New Jersey, USA
"Recieved the package a while ago, but I used it for the first time last Friday in a live setting. It worked flawlessly - for the first time ever I didn't have any problems with my in-ear cable getting stuck between my bottom and the chair (I'm a drummer) and the volume knob is very handy when it comes to turning on amps and stuff like that. Usually I had to disconnect my IEM from the extention cord, but not any more.

Thanks for a great product!"
- Rune Gravengaard, Esbjerg, Denmark

I have been looking at in-ear systems for a year o so, and always felt frustrated by the whole issue of changing batteries and audio quality for something so expensive. When I was browsing YouTube for videos on guitar in-ear systems, I discovered the IXM system and began doing research on it. Combined with the flexibility of the Rolls PM351 headphone amp (also purchased through Jump Audio), I knew that it was the solution I needed!

I had the entire system up and was jamming in under 5 minutes. No hassles with frequencies, charging battery packs or anything. It just plain works! Many thanks for a fantastic product for a very real need of any guitarist looking for an in-ear solution."

- Brian Davidson, Electric Guitar/Vocals - Atonement Lutheran Church Worship Team
"Had a chance to try out the IXM and RXM last week, Really love them... The Sixth Generation from Niles,Michigan recommends them highly. I don't know how we did without back in the '60s. Thanks again."
- Paul Davies, bass player, The Sixth Generation
"Received the RMX system and find it to be of very good quality... I turned my backup trax up loud, then connected my "in ears" to your beltpack and cable with my headphone amp to see how well I could hear my voice Very nice!... This RMX system should be a solution to the "hearing yourself" problem I have had."
- Fred Bachman, lead singer, The Sixth Generation
"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what an awesome product the IXM bodypack & cable is! You have helped my band and myself make the transition to IEM's very affordable and the system works flawlessly! I will defiently be purchasing another IXM in the near future and will be spreading the word about JUMPAUDIO!"
- Travis Mourick, Waddington NY
"I have been using the IMX system at gigs every week for the past 6 months with no problems! The system is built like a tank and the sound quality is excellent. Thanks again for making a great product!"
- Ryan Thompson, Thompson AV Design, Loveland OH
"After 15 years of being at the mercy of every bad sounding live monitor mix from Stockholm, Sweden to Stockton, California, I have finally found the answer to every singer's problems. The Jump Audio IXM in-ear system allows me to go independent of the "soundguy" and capture my voice and guitar first. This is the perfect inexpensive hardwired system....!!!!"
- Troy Olsen, Professional Songwriter, Nashville TN
"I got the IXM today and hooked it up.... It works as advertised! I really like being able to use it stereo... Great product, seeing as It would cost me ooodles to go wireless on my bass because of the low freq, i'm going to be tethered to my rig for the forseable future. This thing saved me a fortune. Thanks again!"
- Steve Gillson, Tacoma WA
"I received the units today in perfect shape - thanks. I must say at first glance that you are not charging enough for them, especially the IXM... (for) churches / houses of worship - this system is PERFECT for a fixed install that does not need to be wireless... Once again I appreciate the professional courtesy you allowed me and will make every effort to return it"
- Rick Boone, Crestwood KY
"I bought the IXM in-ear monitor system a few months ago. I have been using it ever since. It is an awesome addition to my setup. Before I had to have two cables connected running from the floor up to my belt. It was very hard to adjust your monitor volume without having to bend over in the middle of a song. It is a great solution to not spending a lot of money on wireless and there are no batteries to change. Thanks for the great service and timely shipping."
- Robert Gillingham, Newfoundland Canada

Company Overview:

We are a company for musicians run by musicians. We strive to make durable, simple, road worthy, in-ear monitor systems for the working band or musician. We have developed these products out of necessity. We couldn't afford the more expensive systems by Shure, Sennheiser, etc... So we made our own. After getting rave reviews from other bands and musicians, we decided to refine or products and produce them on a bigger scale. We are a small custom company that we relies heavily on word of mouth referals by providing great solid products and good customer service.


Sept 3, 2018 - We are working hard on a new website that will be launched soon. We hope this will drive more traffic to the website and will also be dynamic so easier to vew on mobile devices.

Feb 23, 2018 - We have designed a new RXM Bodypack that has both a 1/4 input and an XLR input as well as a mono/stereo swith. We feel like this will be a really great multi use hard wired in-ear monitor bodypack that will be great for a multitude of situations. We are excited to launch it out there and have already sold a bunch through word of mouth

Oct 11, 2016 - We just printed up some internal circuit boards for our passive wired in-ear monitor systems. This will enable us to make the systems quicker and more efficiently. It also adds the option to add a mono/stereo switch. This could be a handy option when using the system with an Aux send from a monitor board. We are working on a new design and hope to have something sooner than later.

April 26, 2016 - We received a new batch of volume pots for our bodypacks. These are an upgrade from the pots we have used in the past. They still maintain the smooth and consistent volume control that have always been found in our wired in-ear monitor systems. However, these new volume pots will be a little bit more durable and offer slightly more resistance when turning the volume up and down. This feels more solid and is less likely to get accidentally bumped. Among other things, these high quality pots put our products in a league of their own. Our hardwired in-ear monitor systems are the highest quality passive in-ear monitor systems available anywhere!

Oct 19, 2015 - We just moved our manufacturing facility to a new location. This will give us a little more flexibility for custom orders and streamline our shipping. It will also allow us to research and develope our products a bit more. We will continue to make the best wired and hardwired in-ear monitor systems available. And, continue to offer the highest quality custom electronics.

March 13, 2015 - We are continuing to pursue the patent application for our IXM cable. We have our fingers crossed that we will get the patent for our unique cable. Noone else offers a cable like ours. It has the lowest handling noise, best sound quality and greatest flexibility of any hardwired or wired in ear monitor system!

Feb 5, 2014 - We now have a few different Aux adapters in our online store. As stated earlier, These will help people get an in-ear monitor signal straight from the Aux send on a mixing console. Also, We have been working on the patent for our IXM cable. It seems to be headed in the right direction and we have our fingers crossed. We continue to ship lots of international orders and we have recently been getting a lot of bands and churches set up on our in-ear monitor systems. Thanks for the support!

April 19, 2013 - We have shipping a lot of international orders lately. It seems that the wireless frequencies are more problematic in some areas more than others. We are also seeing an increase in US orders as well. We are working on getting a few new adapters made to help in various situations. The new one we are adding to our product line is the XLR aux adapter. This would allow XLR cables to be used with the RXM bodypack. This is extremely useful in situations where various cable lengths are required. Thanks for helping spread the word about our products.

Jan 17, 2012 - We have been getting questions for a while from people wondering if the RXM or IXM wired in ear monitor system will work straight from an AUX send on a mixing console. After some testing we have found that Yes, indeed, you can run the IXM and RXM directly from the AUX send on a mixing console*... notice the asterisk. The * is as follows: Our testing included a handful of mixing consoles from different manufacturers. We found that using the AUX send gave us almost identical results to when we were using a headphone amp. However, You will most likely be limited to ONE IXM or RXM per AUX send and results could vary from console to console. There also might be differences from earbud to earbud although our test results were identical with multiple earbuds and headphones from different manufacturers.

Dec 22, 2010 - OK, I've been getting some questions about whether using an in-ear monitor system, like the IXM or RXM, will leave you feeling isolated from the audience. I have found that "front men" or "front women" need to hear the crowd to feel the energy and interact during a show, worship service, or whatever the case may be. To accomplish this, I highly recommend using an audience mic. Just get a stereo audience mic (or two mics set up in a cross pattern) and put it on the front of the stage. Some performers will want no audience mic, while other will want a lot. Having the audience mic really opens up the mix and will most likely solve any isolation problems while reducing stage volume and providing the performers with a superior mix.

Oct 1, 2010 - We have been working hard and have a Brand New IXM cable. The first cable of it's kind in existence. It is a low noise triboelectric coaxial cable (for a musical instrument) and a small in-ear monitor cable under ONE extruded super flexible polymer jacket (patent pending). It is Awesome! We are excited to get this cable out to the masses.

May 11, 2010 - After being asked if the RXM and IXM in-ear monitor systems would work straight out of a mixer's Aux sends as opposed to using a headphone amp, we decided to investigate and this is what we found. This method will worked fine in all of the cases we've looked into, however... it depends on the board and the earbuds that you are using. The easiest way to test it is to plug your earbuds into the aux send on the mixer and see if you get enough volume (FYI: it will only come out of one ear). If you get enough volume, then you are good to go. The only thing you need is an adapter that delivers the mono aux send to both ears. We will be adding these adapters to our website shortly.

April 13, 2010 - We made some videos to explain the RXM and IXM in-ear monitor systems and posted them to YouTube. We felt like the videos would answer a lot of questions that we have been getting asked.

Nov 21, 2009 - We are doing extensive testing to see if our systems will work straight out of a monitor board's Aux sends without a Headphone Amp. Some of our customers have indicated that they have used it this way and it seems to work just fine, so we thought we'd investigate.

Sept 9, 2009 - Jump Audio Adds The RXM studio In-Ear Monitor System to their Product Line-up. This is a 1/4 inch headphone jack variation to the 1/8 inch headphone jack found on the standard RXM system. This product is great for home studios and musicians looking to use Headphone "Cans" in live situations. Check it out here... RXM In-Ear monitor System.

Aug15, 2009 - We successfully added better connectivity to the inner working of the guitar side of our IXM wired in-ear monitor system. We wanted to make sure the instrument side of the system reached the amp or pedal board with clarity and as much gain as the original signal. With our low noise cable, we have found it to have less triboelectric noise than most cables on the market. We believe this system to be the best sounding, most durable, and most affordable system on the market today. Check it out here... IXM In-Ear monitor System.

Oct, 2008 - After almost a full year researching parts and testing different configurations, we came up with the The Jump Audio IXM In-Ear Monitor System... a custom made, passive, in-ear monitor and guitar/instrument system that combines an in-ear monitor signal and a guitar signal into ONE cable. The in-ear monitor side of the system is based on the recording studio paradigm. It provides in-ear mixes from a headphone amp. We figured this would provide a low cost, reliable alternative to the Shure PSM, Sennheiser, and other in-ear monitor systems on the market. The guitar side of the system is a low noise, high quality signal cable. By combining these two ideas, we designed a low profile in-ear monitor solution that avoids the cost of the working musician can afford.

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