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The IXM is a revolutionary hardwired in-ear monitor system that combines a high quality low-noise instrument cable and a pristine wired in-ear monitor signal into ONE patent pending cable.... How does it work?

IXM In-Ear Monitor System: More Info

The RXM is a simple hardwired in-ear monitor system. It is basically a remote volume control for a headphone amp. It works great for studios, choirs, singers, drummers, keyboard players, and anyone else looking for a simple wired in-ear system. It is a great alternative to the Shure PSM600 wired in-ear monitor system.

RXM In-Ear Monitor System: More Info

All Products Feature:

low cost, very reliable, low profile, great sounding in-ear monitor solutions... with no RF problems or wireless compression.

One Cable: IXM Cable combines both a high quality instrument and in-ear monitor signal cable into One Cable!
No Batteries: Passive bodypack recieves an already amplified in-ear signal from any headphone amp.
Sturdy: We DO NOT use proprietary connectors. We use standard, road worthy, 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch and XLR connectors on all our products. Our beltpacks also feature 2 durable molded beltclips, NOT wimpy wire belt clips.

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